I’m eliminating these 3 major causes of failure (principles from Think and Grow Rich)

Roselle Ebarle
5 min readAug 16, 2020

We all got that habit we all know will cause our doom someday.

In the book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill iterated there are 31 major reasons for failure, and 13 major principles through which people accumulate fortunes.

I would suggest you personally reflect on them yourself if you want to see what stands between you and success.

I did.

And here are the 3 major causes of failure I’m going to eliminate from my life.

I’m saying this without a hint of arrogance, but instead, I say this with a grateful heart:

I was born into a good middle-class family, with a genetic tendency for good brainpower. Although I was provided with everything, I was able to find a well-defined purpose in life. I was blessed to be in an environment filled with good influences and mentors. I don’t believe in superstitions, but instead, approach the world with an open mind.

If life were a race, I’m surely ahead of the rest…a few steps beyond the starting line.

Note: A lot of people think that because of this privilege, a lot of rich people succeed. What they do not know is that despite the lack of these privileges, one can still succeed. Like for example, lacking brainpower is something you cannot easily correct but you can overcome with a mastermind of other brilliant capable people. Sometimes the playing field becomes even when you yourself have certain traits that aren’t found in these rich people, like for example, discipline or a well-defined purpose in life, good health, and a great deal of persistence no matter the odds. The point is, the playing field has been even after all. And I’m here to talk about my own reflection so forget pointing out privilege. Because I acknowledge I do have privilege in some areas of my life. But as you read further, there are far more aspects I’ve been struggling to overcome. I digress…

Lack of ambition to aim above mediocrity

I had a lot of medals growing up. During my childhood years, I would go upstage several times. But perhaps, rising above mediocrity hasn’t been reinforced positively to me because my success seemed unimportant to my parents.

So I formed the limiting belief that there’s no use in pursuing greatness. No one cares. People hated you if you are too competitive. People liked you more if you work well with others. I didn’t care about getting ahead. I cared about being liked.

But I also hated it whenever I could not achieve my goals.

So in the end, this limiting belief has been sabotaging my success.

In order to accumulate a fortune, I need to rise above mediocrity. But in order to rise above mediocrity, I need to change the way my mind has been wired. That means I need to understand that it’s okay and rewarding to aim for medals (successes).

Because I was able to rise above the rest in freelancing, I’m able to bless a lot of other people. I could share the opportunities that I’ve discovered. I could even sponsor education to someone who badly needs it. I could provide a relaxing retirement for my parents, and I could be with my child and family without having to work abroad.

Ill health

I recently started my journey to getting strong and fit. And I’m so glad I did.

As a developer, I’ve been subjected to a great deal of sitting. So I’ve never been able to hone my muscles and lungs. I ate the wrong foods. I gave expression to negative thoughts. For example, thoughts of not being loved; of not being good enough; of not being cared for. I also gave in and over-indulged in sex (but of course directed to one partner alone).

Note: Sexual energy is the most powerful force on earth which moves people into action. A lot of people fail because they direct this energy at something worthless like womanizing. But instead, when directed to business could give birth to success.

I already started, so this time I’m going to persist and make developing a strong healthy body an unbreakable habit.

Because of my recently started a fitness regime, my mind’s capacity stretched. I was more happy, focused, and determined. Creative ideas were flowing out of me. When I did stop for a while because of family circumstances, I became depressed and self-loathing again which I tend to bury deep inside. With exercise, I was more positive and less stressed.

Lack of a well-defined power of decision


I came this far because I tend to say “YES” to opportunities. I do not have any fears, and I believe that whatever I do not know, I could learn on the job.

But my greatest weakness is not being able to persist and commit a long-term horizon. This resulted in me jumping off from startup to another startup.

This time it’s different. I see myself working with my current startup for at least half a decade. Maybe because the circumstances are perfect.

Note: But perhaps the circumstances have always been perfect. I just didn’t have the trait to stick to my decision.

Acknowledging this has made me evade once again self-destructive thoughts such as not being in the right place sound weaker.

Think about it. Sticking to my decisions has always been positive for me. I’m still with a man who cares and loves me a lot. I’m still with a group of friends who despite being in different locations, still support each other. And I’m able to move forward with my toastmasters' education because I did not give up after a year.


If you re-read my points above, you’ll notice I tell a story, an experience that negates my limiting belief. If you are trying to fix limiting beliefs yourself, I would suggest you do it yourself. Find the little wins (no matter how little it seems to you), and tell them to others, to social media, to your friends, to train your subconscious that the limiting belief you once hold is not true.

Little wins, as proof that those limiting beliefs don’t hold any grounds in your life anymore.

Find them.

Conquer the 31 major causes of failures.


Let’s find success together.



Roselle Ebarle

Full Stack Engineer | Tech consultant | Entrepreneur | Toastmasters | Founder of Muggtech