QR Code, Books, and Everything Nice

Roselle Ebarle
3 min readOct 8, 2020

When you think of books, memoirs, or autobiographies we often imagine long pages of pure text. Although this is utterly satisfying for most book lovers out there, I came across a recent discovery; one that makes you think “Never thought of doing that!”

QR codes to many are squares and pixels representing a URL. It’s a two-dimensional version of the barcode which started out in Toyota's manufacturing office.

Turns out a QR code can represent other forms of data.

To name a few, a QR code can lead you to an interactive landing page, video, audio, social media, or even a funky old web page from the 90s.

When creating a QR code, you need a QR code generator you trust will do the job well. Most generators provide you two options: static and dynamic.

A static QR code is exactly that. static. When the day comes you want the QR code to lead your scanner somewhere else, it will look you in the eye with a stare saying “I told you to choose dynamic, dummy” because you have absolutely no way of editing the data behind it.

A dynamic QR code, on the other hand, is the chill laid back dude who will tell you everything will be okay. When you create a dynamic QR code, you can track the scans, edit the data anytime, even if you’ve already printed ten thousand copies of the code in your pages.

Enough about QR codes.

If you are a writer, you can add a QR code to show your readers you care. To give value and say “here’s me thinking you deserve more than this”. Here’s a QR code book for the book you just bought. This QR code can lead you to many places.

Authors, here’s how you can use your QR codes:

Lead to website

To read more about me if you liked me and you liked how I write. When you scan this QR code, you will be led to my home page where you can check out more of the books I written.

Your contact information

If your readers need more information out of you, you can go ahead and let them have your personal email through a QR code. Why? Well you might want to give out more information like your phone and social media. You can only put out so much content in your back cover, so why not make use of QR codes?

Audios and Videos

Here comes the main attraction. In any of your pages, you can lead your readers to a different dimension with QR codes. Lead them to audios of your tour, or videos of your childhood.

Book preview

For people who are hesitant of your book, and are merely browsing in the book store, a QR code that leads to your book preview can work wonders.

To the undecided, give them the choice to preview your book and take it home with them. When you create a PDF QR code, it allows scanners to save the PDF.

In conclusion

You can never go wrong with the right QR code generator. But if you do, remember to choose dynamic QR codes to save time and money!



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